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machine-1 suctionplusSmarter than a fixed speed suction iso-18plusOne machine, two possibilities

A suction system
with serious smarts.

The Cattani Turbo SMART is the most powerful semi-wet
suction system of its kind. It's also the smartest.


Seriously smart...

Power and consistent performance
is SMART, but so too is flexibility
and efficiency.
machine amalgam-retention plusGet more info on Amalgam retention

Amalgam retention

The ISO-18 Hydrocyclone has been specially designed to separate amalgam particles aspirated by Turbo SMART.

Without the need for a pump or motor, the system achieves retention centrifugally, by harnessing the fluid pressure generated by the Turbo SMART airfluid separator.

Amalgam retention

The Hydrocyclone can be purchased together with the Turbo SMART,
or retro-fitted at a later date.

It’s the SMART choice.

with ISO-18
without ISO-18
The ISO-18 complies to ISO 11143 and achieves
a retention rate of 98.1%.
machine laptop-1 laptop-2 wifi1 wifi2 wifi3 cursor press plusGet more info on SMART control

Smart Control:
the future's here.

Turbo SMART will soon have the functionality to
connect to your clinic's computer via a wireless network.
machine machine-no-reflection new-machine plusGet more info on Tandem systems
We can supply Tandem SMART units as a kit,
supplied on a frame of extruded aluminium.

Our tandem systems.
Doubly smart...

The standard Turbo SMART is equipped to work in
tandem with other SMART units.

Doubly smart...

Two or more Turbo SMARTs can be connected to the same line and work together, without the need for any electrical communication between them. Not only does this mean no extra control panel, but that you have built in back-up should there be an issue with one unit.


Bacterial Filtration

A HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is available for you Turbo SMART.  The filter is connected to the exhaust of the unit, and is rated at H14 (>99.995% retention of particles 0.3 micron and above).
  • The filter element (contained within the plastic housing) should be replaced every 12 months. 
  • There are two sizes available: for up to 4 surgeries (C042090) and for up to 10 surgeries (C042092).


To ensure optimal performance and reliability of your system, it is essential that your Turbo SMART unit be installed correctly.Your Cattani dealer will discuss with you the various installation options available and recommend that which best suits your clinic.  Below are some of the key installation factors to be considered.


For optimal performance and longevity of your plant-equipment, some form of temperature control should be used. This can take the form of either convectional ventilation (minimum), fan-forced ventilation, or air-conditioning (optimal).
Speak to your Cattani dealer about planning your installation, or for further information on the web please visit:


At times when there is little or no air is being aspirated into the suction system, fluids in the pipeline can greatly slow or even completely stop. To facilitate the movement of fluids towards the plant-room we recommend that an air-injector valve be fitted somewhere near the end of the main suction line. The air-injector is a small, spring-loaded valve, which opens under negative pressure. During normal operation, when one or several HVE tips is being used, the valve remains closed, however when there are only small volumes of air entering the system, the valve opens and allows air to be aspirated through the main suction line, keeping the fluids moving towards to the Turbo SMART.

Air injection is of particular use when spittoon valves (which introduce a relatively high volume of fluids into the suction system) are present in the system.



* Maximum negative pressure can be easily lowered through the control system.
** Sound pressure level tested according to the standard ISO 3746-1979 (E).
Parameters: r or d = 1,5 – background noise: 34 dB (A) – instrument Bruel & Kjærtype 2232.
Sound pressure level registered at maximum speed and head.
close turbo-smart-ar-large
Turbo SMART with ISO-18 amalgam retention
close turbo-smart-large
Turbo SMART without ISO-18 amalgam retention
close tandem-smart-ar-large
Tandem Turbo SMART


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